Adam Tuominen

Stats: 6’1”
Degree: NIDA, Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Acting)
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Skills: Acting, Singing, Voiceovers, Dance


'Escape from Pretoria', Jeremy Cronin, Director: Francis Annan, 2019

'A Second Chance Too', Shane Fuller, Director: Clay Glen, 2019

'ARSE', Director: Charlotte Rose (short film), 2018

'Red Wire, Blue Wire', Director: Charlotte Rose (short film), 2018

'Raising the Bar', Coach Pete, Director: Clay Glen, 2015

'Dangers of the Aquarius', Anchor, Director: Charlotte Hamlyn (short film), 2013
'A Second Chance', Shane Fuller, Director: Clay Glen, 2011
I, Rot, Deacon, Director: Joseph J Weber (short film), 2010
'My Friend Pillow', James, Director: Charlotte Hamlyn (short film), 2010

'For Love or Money', The Producer (short film), 2004             


'Look Back in Anger', (Jimmy Porter), Dir: Lesley Reed 2019

'Our Boys', (Joe), Dir: Dave Simms 2017

'Extremities', (Raul), Dir: Tony Knight 2016

'Death of a Salesman', (Biff), Dir: Sue Wyly 2016

'The Umbrella Plays', (Fringe Festival), Dir: Kelli Mildenhall 2016

'Einstein and the Polar Bear', (Bill), Dir: Dave Simms 2015

'Much Ado About Nothing', (Benedick), Dir: Megan Dansie 2015

'Beaux Strategem', (Jack Archer), Dir: Dave Simms 2015
'Misalliance', Adelaide Rep Theater, Dir: Brian Knott 2014

'Corpse', (Evelyn & Rupert Farrant), Therry Dramatic Society,Dir: Norman Caddick 2013

​'Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles', (Jack Stapleton), Dir: Rob Croser 2010
'Woman in Black', (Actor), Adelaide Rep Theatre Dir: Michael Croome 2010
'Mr Johnson', (Harry Rudbeck), Adelaide Independent Theatre Dir: Rob Croser 2010
'Frankie & Johnny in the Clair de Lune', (Johnny), Mixed Salad Productions Dir: Sally Putmann 2009
'The Glass Menagerie', (Gentleman Caller), Adelaide Rep Theatre Dir: Peter Goers 2009
'Play Spotting', (Various), Melbourne Fringe Festival Dir: Robert Chuter 2009
'A Streetcar Named Desire', (Stanley Kowalski), Adelaide Uni Theatre Guild Dir: Anita Baltutius 2008
'As You Like It', Orlando), This Rough Magic Theatre, Adelaide Fringe ʼ08 2008
'Two Gentlemen of Verona', (Proteus), Mixed Salad Productions Dir: Dave Sims 2007
'Kiss Me Kate', (Gunman #1), East Coast Tour Dir: Frank Ford 2007
'I Hate Hamlet', (Andrew Rally), Adelaide Rep Theatre Dir: Mike Croome 2006
'School for Scandal', (Charles Surface), Adelaide Rep Theatre Dir: Linda Davey 2005
'Loot', (Dennis), Cat and Fiddle Balmain Dir: Shane Morgan 2003
'Kiss Me Kate', (Gremio), NIDA Dir: Tony Knight 2001
'Ring Around The Moon', (Joshua), NIDA Dir: Jennifer Hagan 2001
'The Sea', (Wad Thompson), NIDA Dir: Terrance Clark 2001
'Language of the Gods', (Theo), NIDA Dir: Jim Sharman 2001
'A Midsummer Night's Dream', (Demetrius), NIDA Dir: John Clark 2000
'Undiscovered Country', (Paul), NIDA Dir: Tony Knight 2000




Southern American



South African




Winner Best Male Performance

(Frankie & Johnny)

Curtain Call Award, 2010

Nomination Best Male Performance

(Glass Menagerie)

Adelaide Critics Choice, 2009

Nomination Best Male Performance

(Streetcar Named Desire)
Curtain Call Award, 2008

'Pine Gap', Netflix, 2018

'Underbelly: Razor', Frank 'Razor Jack Hayes, Screentime/Nine Network, 2011
'McLeod's Daughter's', John Nostier, Millenium/Nine Network, 2006
'Power Rangers: Dino Thunder', Crimson Thunder Ranger/Hunter Bradley, ABC, 2004
'Power Rangers: Ninja Storm', Crimson Thunder Ranger/Hunter Bradley, ABC Family, 2003

'Temptation', Courier, Chapman Pictures, 2003

'Young Lions', Nathan Smythe, Nine, 2002

'Always Greener', Aaron/Drew Savage, 7 Network, 2002

TV Work


Gas Works                                 Hero                Director: Lyn Punshon, 2016-2019

Envestra                                     Hero                Director: AAA Productions, 2011-2015
Duncan Basheer Hannon       Hero                Director: Paul Curran
Arnott's Shapes                        Hero                Director: V Productions
Domino's Pizza                         Hero                Director: F Productions